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本文摘要:Question:How advanced are Chinese high-speed rail trains?问题:中国高铁有多先进设备?

Question:How advanced are Chinese high-speed rail trains?问题:中国高铁有多先进设备?Answered by Robin Daverman(upvote|3.3k):罗宾约韦尔曼的问:The Chinese high-speed rails have a quality all on its own, because it’s so massive. There are more than twice as many high-speed trains in China as the rest of the world combined. The picture below is an early morning photo at the train station of a second-tier city in China.中国高铁之所以有如此低的质量几乎是因为中国高铁本身的体量,因为中国高铁系统过于可观了。中国高铁的数量比世界其他国家高铁总数的两倍还要多。下面的图片展出了中国一个二线城市的火车站清晨的图景。Tier 1 cities like Beijing have a couple hundred high-speed trains stopping at the city every day.一线城市比如北京每天有两百多佩高铁停站。

And the Chinese Spring Festival is just a mad house - an estimated 3 billion person/trips take place within a 2-week window. It would be the equivalent of every American taking 10 trips during Christmas, or every European taking 5 trips during Christmas. All the train tickets are gone within like 10 seconds after they become available.中国春节期间真是就是车如流水马如龙,据估计在春节期间两周的窗口期内共计发送到旅客30亿人次。这相等于所有美国人在圣诞节期间每人乘坐10趟火车,或者相等于所有欧洲人在圣诞节期间每人乘坐5趟火车。

春节期间所有的火车票在预售10分钟内就全部被抢完。The Chinese high-speed rail system made 1.5 billion trips last year, growing 30% a year. It’s just absolutely massive!中国高铁系统去年发送到旅客15亿人次,一年之内快速增长30%。

这规模真是就是丧心病狂的可观!The fact that this 3 billion person/trips can happen in 2 weeks in the first place demonstrates the infrastructure is some human wonder. In my adopted home country Sweden with less than 10 million people, due to poor management and evasion of responsibility etc, as soon as it snows a little bit trains get cancelled or delayed for hours. I once had to travel 3 hours by train to the airport, the train came 3 hours too late and I almost missed my flight! Our minister of transportation once outrageously claimed “people can celebrate Christmas another day”! This will never happen in China. No Chinese official dares to utter these words. Why the elected officials of a “democratic” country take less responsibility towards the public than officials of a “dictator” country is beyond normal people’s comprehension.首先,光“在春节期间两周的窗口期内共计发送到旅客30亿人次”这一点上,就证明了中国的基础设施在或许上真是就是人类奇迹。在我的第二故乡瑞典,人口将近一千万,由于管理疏于和逃避责任等等问题,一到刚下了一点儿小雪的时候,火车就中止或者延期几个小时。我曾多次有一次跪了3个小时火车才赶往机场,最后火车还是晚到了3个小时之幸,让我差点没赶上航班!我们的交通部长曾多次有一次极为离谱地谈“人们可以改为一天再行庆典圣诞节”!这种事情决不有可能再次发生在中国。

没一个中国政府官员不敢讲出这样的话。为什么在一个“民主”国家里,一群被议会选举出来的官员,对公众如此不负责任,相比一个“独菜”国家的官员都不如,这几乎远超过了一个正常人能解读的范围。China is definitely not a democratic country but also not ruling under a dictature system. actually, this country executes by meritocracy at all levels. these political leaders are, of course not elected by its people but also not nominated by leaders. To become an official in the bureaucracy, those candidates get to pass several examinations and interviews, most eliminated in the process and only 3–5% may get offers. All government employees will be scored based on their performance at the end of year中国显然不是一个民主国家,但是同时也不是一个独菜体制统治者之下的国家。实质上,这个国家在各个层面上实施精英体制。



I feel like the infrastructure was created by need. Not sure about the need in Sweden, but if the growth in public transportation does not supplement the need of it, then there really is no point in creating so much. However, it’s also true that if the public transportation becomes so advanced that there is no more need for cars anyway, more people will opt for the public transportation in the first place.我感觉基础设施是由市场需求建构出来的。而在瑞典这种市场需求不具体,但是如果公共交通的快速增长没比较不应的市场需求,那么修建如此多的基础设施就毫无意义了。然而,某种程度有道理的是,如果公共交通显得十分先进设备,实在太人们仍然对汽车有更加多的市场需求,那么更好的人们就不会选用公共交通了。



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